New Commercial Rules

Trade with the enactment of the new Turkish Commercial Code will be major changes in nearly every aspect of our lives . And regulations, companies will be affected by this change in internet sites . Trade law on the rest of the entry into force at a time when some of the things you need to know about ...
Occurrence of a new Commercial Code provisions on the website the following ingredients :
Article 1502. -
(1) Each equity firm to create a Web site and a portion of the site , the company needs to do by law ads , announcements of importance to the shareholders, and the shareholders , board of directors and general meetings , and made ​​preparations for dealing with disclosure of the documents to be submitted to shareholders , the committees making invitations for the right to vote , in terms of transparency and disclosure in the services and information necessary and useful in the context of the information society , presentation , questions to get information , the information provided in this Act and other laws and other similar transactions or partners paysahiplerinin obliged to provide clarification of issues envisaged . In addition, the financial statements and their notes , annual report , to what extent compliance with the corporate governance principles, the Board of Directors for the description of the annual valuation of the auditor , the auditor's special transaction committee and the auditors reports and the competent ministries on issues concerning capital markets , and the wish of the shareholders and the company's response notices published on the website of the company and other related matters . Non-compliance with this provision obligations , violation of the law , and all the consequences of failing to meet the task of the board of directors birth. Penal provisions are reserved. Any type of report will remain on the site for three years with the financial statements .
(2) part of the Web site devoted to information society services, including registration for the trade registry , which has been allocated to the purposes of this article carries this part of the qualification is open to all , where the messages are directed to relevant information and the explanations and legal wills , the achievement of this part of the procedure site and other issues related to the principles of a regulation by the Ministry of Industry and Trade .
(3) part of the information published on the website dedicated to the purposes of this Article in parentheses alone " routed " message is placed on the display . This message is only marked by complying with the laws and regulations referred to above can be changed. Presumption of a message directed to the allocated portion .
(4) Directed messages stored separately in accordance with Article 82 forms printed . Information will be posted on the website showing the date and time of the company management brought into the text approved by notary or glued to a book written by the sequence number . Then a change is made to the information published on the site , the above process is repeated for change .
in brief
Each equity firm to create a website . Also be made available in accordance with the law of the new sites ...
Websites in accordance with the new law , must be updated .
As stated in the law , some information about the company and make decisions " Message Oriented with the phrase" to be published in the company's website for a certain period .
The Law will enter into force when the new Turkish Tircaret ?
January 13, 2011 by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey adopted and published in the Official Gazette dated 14 February 2011 the new Turkish Commercial Code shall enter into force on 1 July 2012 .
Met the requirements of the law , what happens?
Fines and imprisonment made ​​the necessary arrangements to be applied in case law are as follows :
" Provided for in Article 1524 of this Act within three months from the entry into force of this Law web site or web site of forming a portion of the web site information society services, in the same time board members özgülemeyen corporation , limited liability company, limited liability company directors and managers with share capital up to six months in prison and hundreds of partners in the commandite ever criminal fine of three hundred days , and all need to be the same substance content of the website in accordance with the procedures listed in this subparagraph does not place in accordance with the perpetrators face up to three months in prison and fined up to now . "